Unspoken But Known

We are in my bed, just finished making love, and I would lie on the side facing away from him. I would just close my eyes for a little while, and I would feel him kiss my shoulders so tenderly, as if I might break on first contact. He would leave trail of kisses there, up to my back, my thighs, and he would face me towards him, and it was there— desire, love and passion, burning in his eyes, as if they were a bed of coals. Eye to eye, skin to skin, no material separates us but a small space where we exchange gasps of breath. He would then kiss my lips until we could no longer think to need air, holding me in place as if i might turn into a wisp of smoke. Those moments, bursting of intimacy and shown feelings, are when I can think that life is so much greater, when you can share it with someone you adore and love.


9:39 PM

I will love
you like it
is my first
time to love

No fears to
hold me back
and no pain
to haunt me.

*says i dont care* *actually does tho*

It’s okay. I’m always the one who loves more anyway.

How My Wall Came Down

Sweetheart I’ve never really known
True love until you skipped your
College entrance exam just to watch me play a badminton game.
You said you’ve never seen me so alive, and that it’s a wonder that I
Let you see me like that other than the silent, watchful creature that I usually am. I know I said I’ve built
A wall around myself over the past few years, but there are now tiny cracks in the surface, forming whenever you say my name, because it seems different when it’s you, as if you’re claiming a part of me each time when you do. And isn’t that intimate? I crave intimacy just like any other human being, and it doesn’t matter how small or big the waves are, for even just you making me coffee I feel a flutter in my chest, and the cracks are growing larger. You stroke my hair whenever I fall asleep, and it’s as if the night goes on for weeks. Days or is it months that went by that I felt the cracks are so large now I feel my wall is coming down. My heartbeat unsteady, I am gasping for breath. But it is this night that I am sure, and I am ready, for you to enter your love beneath my walls, to crack me open inside out until my heart can’t take it anymore. It’s ok my love. You don’t have to hesitate. You have my permission.

I may be too old for fairy tales
But why does the moon seems
To dance and the stars seem to
Sing whenever our fingers collide?
Flowers doesn’t all grow from trees
For every kiss you give me there
Seems to be a garden in my chest
Wildflowers blooming and
Wanting for more
You don’t have to wear an armor
To be my prince, for even in dusty jeans and over washed t-shirts
You shine more than the richest king

My Remedy

I searched and searched
And never imagined
That you would be
The one to cure my insanity
Your touch that calms me
Your voice that takes away
All my bad dreams
You are a drug I sorely need
To never go I wish you’ll heed
I’ve already lost some parts of me
So please don’t stop being
My remedy

Of Broken Teacups And Broken Spoons

I love you because
You were broken,
Just like I was

But still you found me
Amidst all traffic lights
And hidden gardens
And starless nights

I love you because
Your touch is my morphine
A sweet calming drug
That spreads through my veins

You know where to kiss me
And you know where to not
I am not ready for all
I’m still struggling to breath
And you of all people know
How all of this can be so

I love you because
You understand,
That sometimes you think
You don’t deserve me
Just as I think that I don’t
Deserve you

We are both used to
Sweet tortures
Waves of pain sometimes
Drown us in the night
We take turns watching
For the silent shouts and
Painful moans
And try to kiss where it
Hurts the most

I love you because
We’re both torn apart
And what better partner
Is for a broken teacup
Than a broken spoon?