11:29 pm

And everyone is easily seduced by the sugar coating.

The outer layer of deceptiveness, the beautiful cruelty of false hope, the strings so far to reach, but easily binds. Hard. Painfully.

He hurts me in ways that makes me love him more, scratches so deep you couldn’t see the bottom. Just an empty void of nothingness.

But still I try, crawling to struggle and grasp the last shreds of my self-dignity, which is fading just like me.

Maybe there will come a day when I will know better, when the gaunt glass that shields my eyes will fade away, but I am tired of hoping.

I’ll just wait for the next gust of wind that will pass, so I can be taken away as easily as the dead leaf that fell from the highest branch of the strongest tree, and be lost forever.

The Anatomy Of His Face

Eyebrows even when pinched
They look not cruel

Eyes that see the windows
Of my soul

Nose that smells all the
Earthly hiss

And a mouth that gives
The sweetest kiss

Untold Soliloquy

It’s almost 3 am
And the lights are out

You are wrapped around
Me like a vine, snoring
Softly amidst the painful
Howl of the rain outside

This is the perfect time
For a romantic soliloquy
But I couldn’t get a word out

Why is it so much easier
To depict you, the wholeness
Of you, in a piece of pen
And paper, than in my voice
That screams all of my emotion?

It’s s been 2 minutes,
A week or a year
I have memorized the
Seconds between your
Every breath

But I still couldn’t get
A word out


It’s raining again.
My window pane’s a sketching pad,
waiting for my fingers to write a
Name I couldn’t forget, but couldn’t utter.

The lightning strikes.
Like the flash of the camera you
once caught me taking I thought
You wouldn’t notice. It didn’t cross my mind that you would. Not even in my wildest dreams did I thought you would notice me. But you did. You did.

The thunder rumbles.
Like an echo of a love that didn’t exist, promises and words I couldn’t express, because to reveal my secret would be my downfall, for I am a human bomb. It’s a terrible burden to carry, but I am used to heavy weights.

It’s raining again.
I am not home. I am in a desolate place of lost hope. But like the amount of raindrops that fall from the sky, my sincere affection, and utmost desire for you is infinite.

Don’t try to count the drops of rain

It’s my birthday today. I am now 20 years old. I can’t believe that I’m not a teenager anymore :(

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"It has been 8 months since I said yes
and you’re here still with me
in this short expanse of time I showed
you what it’s like to live with my
unabridged sanity.
You told me you don’t care less and 8 
months is just a day,
my withered heart still beats, and you
keep it close anyway.
I will do my best to cease the thunderstorms
rumbling inside my chest
I don’t want you to think i’m perpetually
plagued with seasons of unrest.
You make me believe that forever is not
a cliche wrapped up in sheets of false promises
Your kiss feels like I’ve been smitten with
God’s divine providence.
So when the stars in the sky cease to shine,
you don’t have to be afraid.
For light blossoms on our fingertips my love,
even on the darkest, darkest day."
I woke up and you’re still here 

And to love myself
Is a hopeless feat
A fruitless attempt
To make ends meet

I don’t know how
I cannot fathom why
My life is one sad

So don’t bother trying
You deserve more
you’ll never be able
To grasp what’s inside
My closed doors

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You don’t see things
The way I see

I gaze through a film
While you tear
Right through me